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RapidFire with Steward Baylor

1. Last playlist played on iPod: Mac Miller
2. Last person to text you: Jade Williams
3. Favorite restaurant: Outback
4. Are you a coffee drinker? I hate coffee breath, so no.
5. Favorite place to ride: Anywhere in the sand, probably Manchester State Park.
6. Hobbies other than racing? Hunting, bow fishing, anything with wheels or any competition.
7. Chocolate or vanilla: Definitely chocolate.
8. First thing you do in the morning? Use the bathroom. Haha!
9. What type of conditions do you race best in? Muddy and rutted.
10. Last movie you watched? Salt.
12. Boxers or briefs? Boxers
11. What bend of handle bars do you run? Stock KTM Renthal Fatbar
12. In your opinion, who is the greatest rider of all time? Juha
13. How old are you? 19
14. iPhone or android? iPhone
15. Any pre-race superstitions? Way too many to list!
16. Favorite dessert? Cheesecake
17. Brand of truck? Dodge and Ford
18. Blondes or brunets? Blondes
19. Favorite breakfast food? Anything as long as it fills me up!
20. Guilty pleasure? Not sure on that one …
22. Number one thing on bucket list? Sky diving or hang gliding!
Obviously 2013 was a year you’d like to forget, the big question is are you ready for 2014?
I really hope I’m ready for 2014. I’ve put in more hours this off season that I ever have in a race year! But with that being said I’m still favoring my wrist and I hope it doesn’t affect me too much this season.


Any regrets on racing on your injured wrist?
I have that question asked quite frequently and my answer every time is no there is no regrets on doing what I did, I can’t say I haven’t questioned it but every time I do I remember what I accomplished that year and I can’t say I would do it any other way, I got the championship that kids dream of and not to mention the factory ride with the best team in the GNCC’s and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Have you decided on a bike you’ll be racing in 2014?
I will be running a 250 two stroke this year.

Will you be a championship contender in the National Enduros and GNCCs?
I really hope that I will be but I think that my focus this year will be more for the enduros where I can give the wrist a rest between sections.

Will we see you on RacerTV’s GNCC Live this season?
I will continue to do the live show for the quads in the GNCC’s this year and I hope that you won’t see me on the dirtbike show this year on that end of the camera!

Right now, who is faster, you or your brother?
Well I haven’t raced him but two times this year and beat him both times so for now I’m still on top, hopefully it will stay that way!

What finishes would you be realistically happy with at the first rounds of the season?
I hope to finish top 5 consistently for the GNCC’s for the first half this year and I really think I can still win a few enduros–and that is what I’m training for right now–so I hope I can at least turn some heads there!


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