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Rapid Fire with Chris Bach

Rapid Fire with Chris Bach

1. Last playlist played on iPod:  Techno jams.
2. Last person to text you: Borich
3. Favorite restaurant: Probably Outback! haha
4. Are you a coffee drinker?  Sometimes. Snickers coffee from Talia’s in Wilkesboro, NC.
5. Favorite place to ride:  Private spot in NC.
6. Hobby other than racing: Cycling
7. Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
8. Idol?  Chad Reed
9. First thing you do in the morning? Check what time it is.
10. What type of conditions do you race best in? When its fast and technical at the same time … ‘Dilla.
11. Last movie you watched? National Enduro highlight DVD
12. Boxers or briefs? Boxers
13. What bend of handle bars do you run? Renthal 996s
14. In your opinion, who is the greatest rider of all time?  RC. Is that even a question?
15. How old are you? 24
16. iPhone or android? Team iPhone
18. Any pre-race superstitions? Knee braces and boots lefty first
19. Favorite dessert? Ice cream
20. Ford or Chevy? Mercedes Benz Sprinter
21. Blondes or brunets? Either with a personality
22. Favorite breakfast food? Joe-tmeal
23. Guilty pleasure? Butter cookies
24. Interstate or backroads? Interstates
25. Number one thing on bucket list? Visit Europe.


Bach on the podium at the Steele Creek GNCC

You seem to be doing well back on a KTM again. Are you happy with the way things have gone for you so far? If not what would you change?
Pretty happy, would like to be closer to 557 and 112, but the results are coming and improving so as long as we stay on that progression I’m happy.

Okay, I am just going to throw this out there, I know everyone is curious. Rumors were, KR4 was stepping up to be your title sponsor for the first two rounds of the GNCCs. What exactly is the deal with this situation?
Yep, exactly. I am building my program differently this year. No one wants to spend money in GNCC, and unless you have someone doing deals for you or whatever its pretty hard to figure out how to get someone to pay you 40-50-100 grand for a title sponsor for a season. But it’s easier for companies to spend a portion of that, so I built it around that idea.  So for certain races I will have different title sponsors, and KR4 is on board for 4 events this year, and we have some other great partners on board also getting title sponsorship coverage this year. Pretty neat idea. It’s a little more leg work, but you can’t race on no money.

I’ve heard some rumors of you possibly hitting up a couple outdoor nationals this year. Are those rumors true? If so what rounds are you looking at racing?
Yes. Red bud and Budds Creek hopefully.

Name one thing you would change about this industry.
I would take all of the politics, and BRO-deals out of it.

Can’t help but notice your obsession with tiny little purse dogs. Maybe this new one you got is your good luck charm! Why such tiny pooches?
They are great companions. And we travel so much it’s hard to do with a big dog. Small dogs are just as cool, don’t shed, and take up way less room on the road, while providing just as good companionship.

You are one of the most motivated people I have met. This industry has left you high and dry more than a few times in the past 5 years. What keeps you pushing forward, despite the uncertainty that hangs over your head?
I have personal goals and I won’t really be satisfied until they are met. Sponsors or no sponsors, I’m a racer. I want to win, wether it’s with company A or B, my goals are the same and they won’t change. The people I’m with right now have been with me this whole journey. Highs and lows, and I am very grateful for these relationships. I could have taken a few more dollars with other deals this offseason, but sometimes it’s not about the money … I learned that the hard way I guess.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as far as racing goes? What is your plan to get there?
Not really sure. I want to win obviously–just keep chasing that carrot I suppose.  That’s really my only goal and plan right now. Deal with the rest as it comes.

You are riding the single bus lately! Any requests for an umbrella girl? Special requirements? Now is your chance to let the public know!
[Laughs] Nah, I don’t think so. I think Bonneur, KR, Thad, and Rory locked all the good ones down already.

Which rider would you like to have the style of, the heart of, and the fitness of?
Reedy, Reedy, and the Dunge.

If you could have any outside sponsor you wanted, who would it be?
Probably an airline so I could roost overseas too.

If you could race against any past champion who would it be?
Wattsy or Juha.

Who would you like to thank for helping you chase your dream?
Carolina KTM, ridePG, WP USA, Dale Cooke, Ben Weathers, Bart Hayes, FLY, FMF, Maxxis, KR4, Nytro, DP brakes, clockwork, 100%, Sidi, cv4, Trek Bicycles, Concept 2, Dirt Tricks, Tire Balls, and my parents.

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