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Rapid Fire with Derrik Allen

Get to know the 2012 GNCC 4-Stroke A Lites Champion and 2013 XC2 Pro Lites Rookie in this interview by Kayleigh Haywood

Last playlist played on iPod: MGK
Last person to text you: Adam (Boner)
Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden
Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird–really that is the only one I can think of!
Favorite place to ride: Myers Compound
Hobby other than racing: I really like golfing and hunting. I didn’t get to go hunting last year, and I just started the whole golf thing.
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Idol? My dad
First thing you do in the morning? Check my messages, then shower.
Favorite TV show? Duck Dynasty
Last movie you watched? Die Hard, the new one.
Boxers or briefs? Briefs
What bend of handle bars do you run? 997
In your opinion, who is the greatest rider of all time? Reed
Hotel preference? I’m gonna go with Hamptons
iPhone or Android? Team iPhone
Superstitions? I feel like if I’m early I don’t do as well. If I’m running late, Im gonna have a good race! No joke
Favorite dessert? Cheese cake!
Ford or Chevy? GMC
Blondes or brunettes? One of each
Perfect first date? This is a good one..I just normally like to have fun.
Guilty pleasure? Listening to Taylor Swift …
Interstate or backroads? I like backroads, but if I’m going to a race I just want to be on the interstate and get there!
Haha or LOL? I do both, I like haha but then I’ll say lol instead.
Number one thing on bucket list? I wanna go on a cruise

derrikHow was your break? What did you do?
It was really good! I took like a solid month off after LL. I just tried to take some time away from racing. I saved some money, and built up my inventory for the 2013 season.

Obviously you have some great people helping you out, but what do you do to help pick up the slack?
I just got a new job at an excavating company back home in Indiana.

What has changed for you from last year?
This year I had a lot more people step up to help out. My support system has grown a lot, and for that I am grateful.

I see that you are in the XC2 class this year. How do you think it’s going to go?
I am definitely ready to take on the challenge. It can only help me out by making me faster, and racing with faster people. It is going to be a tough year, but I plan to learn and improve in every aspect.

Name one thing you would change about the industry.
I think that the off-road racing series’ don’t get enough recognition. It would be nice to take some of the spotlight off of the Supercross and Motocross races, and shine it on the off-road scene for a while.

How did Florida go for you?
Believe it or not, it went fairly decent for being the first race of the year. I fell a bit short of my goal going into the race, but I’m still happy with my result. I’m not content there, though. I am going to push harder in Georgia to get to where I want to be.

We all pretty much know what your short term goals are, where do you see yourself in 5 years and what is your plan to get there?
In five years I hope to have made a name for myself, and be a strong competitor in the XC1 class. Getting there is going to take a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. I am fully prepared to make the sacrifices needed to get to the level I need to be at in order to reach my goal.

Which GNCC rider would you like to have the style of, the heart of, and the fitness of?
Style I would have to say Chris Bach, heart would be Jordan Ashburn, fitness is Whibley for sure.

If you could have any outside sponsor you wanted, who would it be?

If you could race against any past champion who would it be?
David Knight

Who would you like to thank for helping you chase your dream?
My mom and my dad for sure. Fly, Keith Obermyer, Nytro, My mechanic Kyle, Moto Experts, FMF, Unibiker, Winners Circle Designs, Scott, Sidi, Kenda, Renthal, IMS, Torc 1, Sunstar, Amsoil, Aser Clothing, Panda’s Powder Coating, ODI Grips, and anyone else that has helped me get to where I am today! Thanks!


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